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Comments: 1 Windows.
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Comments: 1 Slowly.
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Comments: 2 What an exhausting, but entirely enjoyable weekend shooting with people I enjoy working with, people I've been wanting to work with, and people I never knew had so much talent. Days 1-7 of the new year have been great, not just 'all right'.
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Comments: 4 Another one to start the week. I love the windows here. Anyone else using the new Lightroom CC? I'm still trying to get used to it, but it feels like they removed a lot of features. Might stick with the 'new-old' Lightroom Classic. Model: @xkmei
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Comments: 1 One before the weekend, since I probably won't have time to do much else. A simple shot for simplicity's sake. Model: @daysingyang
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Comments: 2 Hey, Sony fam! The baby of the family has arrived.
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Comments: 1 I just posted up my reel on my Facebook page, or you can check it out through the link in my bio. Hope you like it! Edit: My Vimeo page only has two videos because everything else is on private! I only use it when showing people a cut of some films, but I'm hoping to utilize it some more.
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Comments: 2 Promises are easy... OATH. Written and directed by @dan_yaj Check it out at W&C Productions Facebook page on Dec. 15th!
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Comments: 2 I had the pleasure of working with @strong_movement and creating a short film for their work, '6'. All of the dance footage was compiled into a second film, which was accepted into the Dance Flick Film Festival! It will be showing in January 2018!
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Comments: 3 Did you stop at the lovely view of the mountains and forget about what lies beyond? So, tell me. Did you fall so in love with the ideas, that you forgot how to make them real? Or fall so deep into crafted words, that you became afraid to fight? Maybe, show me your stained clothing and the brush strokes because I'm tired of hearing about the paintings in your head. Or show me nothing because that's what it all becomes.
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Comments: 1 The sequel for The Literal Yellow Jacket is in the works.
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Comments: 2 *edited repost* A short break gave birth to some editing flow, and I decided to revisit a bunch of old photos. Post more later? Post more...la-ter? Post ma...lone? Post Malone.
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Comments: 1 "What are you feelin'?" "I kinda wanna do this pose." "Let's do it." Super random, but we had fun. Gotta let the models/subjects/whatever-you-wanna-call-them have some fun and express themselves too.
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Comments: 6 Studio session. Suddenly, I have the urge to start doing some portraits again. My creative vibes have been stifled as of late. Apologies to the number of you I haven't been able to meet up with for sessions and video shoots. I haven't forgotten about you, and I'm still very much looking forward to seeing your visions come to life.
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Comments: 1 Nobody ever got anywhere with one foot in and one foot out.
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Comments: 5 What ever happened to this.
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Comments: 0 Come see the latest short film, 'OATH', written and directed by @dan_yaj! We completed this with the help of several talented artists. It will be premiering alongside the QDN Best of the Fest tour at Dayton's Bluff Library at 6pm, where Dan will also be answering your questions. If you haven't already seen it, I worked with Dan on his previous project titled 'Peb Lub Neej' (Our Lives) about five siblings who are forced to come back together after the death of their mother. Definitely check that out!
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Comments: 2 The incline was a bit high, so the others decided to stay back. It was exhausting as hell going up. The way back down hurt even more. Next adventure: Everest? Haha nah, I'd die.
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Comments: 2 7 years, 26 days. Our boy @jimmy_quads took first in his class, and OVERALL a couple weeks ago at the Red River Classic! Work hard, stay humble.
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Comments: 0 Happy Halloween! Swing by In Progress for some sweet photos and candy!
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