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: 48
Comments: 5 Wearing an orange statement jacket in the pink city!
: 114
Comments: 10 Such lovely colours!
: 111
Comments: 8 Surrounding oneself with abundance brings more abundance. Don’t you think so?
: 151
Comments: 10 Posting a pic shot in Delhi when in Jaipur just coz I so much love this outfit:)
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: 129
Comments: 5 But first tea!
: 110
Comments: 4 Sunday brunch situation @sujanluxury
: 186
Comments: 8 Casually strolling by a pink wall at City Palace💓
: 144
Comments: 8 Happy weekend y’all:)
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: 143
Comments: 5 When you arrive in Jaipur they welcome you with a turban and a garland💓
: 114
Comments: 9 It feels good to see a clear blue sky after all that smog💙
: 129
Comments: 6 It has nothing to do with this post but I just want to remind you that your focus determines your reality. What you focus on expands. This quote plays an important role in my life. What’s that one quote you live by?
: 143
Comments: 12 Time for some carbs🥪🍔🍞
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: 240
Comments: 28 Welcoming winter with this grey jacket❄️
: 153
Comments: 8 Breakfast @westinpune was delicious😋 Happy first week of December y’all. Eagerly waiting for Christmas🤗 What about you?
: 180
Comments: 14 T H R O W B A C K
: 166
Comments: 16 Time flies real fast. I thought this pic was taken last week but it’s already more than a month now. Happy New Month y’all. What’s your plan for December?
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: 180
Comments: 16 Someone said take action so here’s me taking a selfie😂😂
: 181
Comments: 10 F L O W E R P O W E R
: 178
Comments: 19 They say there’s nothing such as bad weather, just the wrong clothing. What do you think?
: 214
Comments: 18 Feeling warm in this cozy jumper☀️ Have a blessed, happy and delicious thanksgiving dear all💛
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